Grazing Lease Management Documents

Grazing Lease Stewardship Code of Practice

This document identifies the roles and responsibilities of leaseholders on Crown land.

Rangeland Health Assessment Protocol

The Environment and Parks Department uses the Rangeland Health Assessment Protocol to measure the health of Alberta's rangelands. This brochure provides an introduction to how range health is measured, and its application and benefits.

2017 Grazing Lease Rental Proposal

2017 Grazing Lease Rental Proposal

After nearly 20 years of frozen rates and two years of industry consultation, a new grazing lease rental proposal is ready to be submitted to government.

Alberta Grazing Lease Cost Survey 2016

In 2016 a third party lease cost survey was completed by MNP, surveying a representative sample of leaseholders and associations in Alberta. The results were presented in aggregate form to the government to help in the development of a new rental rate framework.

2016 Cost Survey Report Amendment Letter

Additional consultation with industry on the lease cost survey resulted in an amendment to the survey.

Ranching Realities in the 21st Century

November 3, 2015

A collection of essays released by independent public policy think tank, the Fraser Institute, that spotlights the successes and limitations of various land management policies from Alberta, Saskatchewan, the United States and Australia. This project was partially funded by AGLA.

2009 Grazing Lease Rental Proposal

A proposal submitted to government in 2009 to reform the rental rates for Alberta grazing leases. It was never implemented.

Alberta Grazing Lease 2005 In-kind Cost Survey Results

How much does it cost the leaseholder to operate a grazing lease? This third-party study outlines the in-kind costs of the leaseholder.

Regulatory Documents

Surface Rights Board Decisions on Compensation

Compensation for adverse effects as a result of industrial activity on Crown lands under grazing disposition is determined by the Surface Rights Board. Click on the links below to see actual Surface Rights Board decisions for compensation.